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I very seldom, if ever, recommend or write a letter of reference. Why? Because not very often do you get outstanding service today or have your expectations exceeded.

Greg, updated my electric service today under not so pleasant conditions. A old run down house that has not been occupied in many years. Sagging floors, dirty, cold and wet, deep snow, Get the picture?

Some words to describe might be used as; professional, neat, knowledgable, well equipped, quick, prompt, returns calls, directly answers your questions and the cherry on top, VERY fair and reasonable pricing.

I spent weeks on the phone waiting for call backs, appointments that didn't show, indirect pricing, could be, might be, may be, voice mails, calls not responded to.

I did the work for you. Just call Greg Hance and save a lot of aggravation for yourself.

I own four houses in Woodstock, VT and will never allow anyone inside except, Greg Hance for my electrical needs.

Don't shop around, don't hesitate, contract with him today. Hurry, with service as good as his he will continue to be in demand as word gets out.

My references: 40 years in the automotive industry. Commercial pilot. I know customer service. I taught it for many years.

Richard Simpson

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